• Electronic Music Education •

Basics of Digital Audio
- Converting Light into Sound: How CDs and DVDs work
- Overview of sound filetypes and when to use each
- Analog-to-Digital: How acoustic sounds are digitized
- How to create an iPhone Ringtone

Basics of MIDI
- MIDI as a Protocol
- MIDI Continuous Controllers
- Understanding how MIDI and Audio are related

Basics of Synthesis
- Synthesis Programming: 3 Things you can Control, 3 Ways you can Control them
- Catch the Wave: An overview of analog waveforms, sampling and Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

Music Business
- Integrating FacebookConnect to your site and creating a Facebook App
- How to write a Request For Proposal (RFP)
- Demystifing Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
- Implementing an automated email newsletter into your site and managing your customer/fan database

Scoring for Film, TV & Video
- Converting a Musical Score to SMPTE Time Code for synchronizing audio to video
- Taking advantage of MIDI to create multiple variations on a theme
- Using Digital Synthesis to score for Live Orchestra
-The Importance of the Spotting Session

Synthesizer Programming
- Speaking In Tongues: Why synthesizer manufacturers use different terms for the same thing and how to make sense of it all

Sequencer Programming
- Bars, Beats and PPQN: Keeping time with MIDI
- SimFlexity: A simple method for keeping your options open down the road when recording keyboard audio parts

- "The Medium Is The Maestro": How Marshall McLuhan's Theories Apply to Musicians
- Circle of 5ths
- The Fundamental of Overtones and Timbre

Working with Clients
- How to convert your client's ideas into the perfect soundtrack
- Writing a 2-column script

Working with Studios
- Maximizing studio time and juggling multiple clients
- Finding the right studio musicians
- Finding the right audio engineer

• FREE Software Tutorials •

Adobe Flash
- Creating an MP3 jukebox
- Synchronizing graphics to audio

Apple DVD Studio Pro
- Implementing multiple audio tracks

Apple Final Cut Pro
- Audio editing with Rubber Bands

Apple GarageBand
- Recording a Voice Over
- Recording a Podcast

Apple Logic Pro
- Recording with Audio Tracks
- Recording with Instrument Tracks
- Recording with MIDI Tracks
- Editing with the Event List
- Editing with the Score
- Editing with the Piano Scroll
- Editing with Hyper Draw
- Applying Quantization
- Mastering Transport Controls

Apple Motion
- Triggering events via MIDI control

Apple Soundtrack Pro
- Overview of creating a soundtrack for Final Cut Pro
- Importing custom sound files into Soundtrack Pro

- Recording a Voice Over
- Exporting a file as an MP3

DigiDesign ProTools
- Recording a Voice Over
- Overview of Sound Effects

Korg Karma (song patch programming "how-tos")
- "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon) Live Sample
- "Don't Dream It's Over" (Crowded House) Live Sample
- "Voices Carry" ('Til Tuesday) Live Sample
- "Died In Your Arms Tonight" (Cutting Crew) Live Sample
- "I Ran" (Flock of Seagulls) Live Sample
- "80s Medley" (Various Artists) Live Sample
- "True" (Spandau Ballet) Live Sample

Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer
- Recording a Voice Over
- Overview of Plugins

Multi-App Projects
- Triggering and synchronizing multiple 3D animation elements with individual music tracks using Apple Logic Pro, Apple Motion and MetaTools Carrara 3D Pro

Roland XP-50 (song patch programming "how-tos")
- "She's A Beauty" (The Tubes) Live Sample
- "Dirty Laundry" (Don Henley) Live Sample
- "Kiss Me Deadly" (Lita Ford) Live Sample
- "Magic" (The Cars) Live Sample
"Centerfold" (J. Geils Band) Live Sample
- "Just Like Heaven" (The Cure) Live Sample
- "Summer of '69" (Bryan Adams) Live Sample

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